San Juan College High School Admissions

 Each year San Juan College High School enrolls 100 incoming freshmen to our school through a student application process. All prospective students and their parents will take part in a family interview to discuss and learn more about the SJCHS program. Parents are encouraged to participate in the interview process since the interview provides them with an opportunity to ask questions and to ensure that SJCHS is the best match for their child’s high school education. After completing interviews, SJCHS uses a confidential lottery process to select incoming students from San Juan County. Any student interested in joining our next cohort should consider applying.

Who can attend?

The student selection process will be multifaceted and based on the belief that all students represent the future of our community and nation. ECHS systems provide students who are underrepresented opportunities in higher education, and the school’s demographics will reflect both the cultural and academic diversity of the region. Aztec and Bloomfield residents have 10 student placements each through the SJCHS lottery process. Farmington residents have their own lottery drawing for the remaining 80 student placements. Information sessions, public advertisements and announcements, along with middle school visits by the SJCHS staff and currently enrolled SJCHS students will precede the opening of the application process. A special effort will be made to promote the program in non-traditional settings to assure that traditionally underrepresented populations are informed and encouraged to apply for admission.

Application for Class of 2024  - Current 8th Grade Students

The SJCHS online application will be available February 2020.

 Classes of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 application periods have closed