San Juan College High School (SJCHS) is a free, public high school on the campus of San Juan College. The school opened in the Fall of 2016 with 80 students. Operating under the direction of Farmington Municipal Schools, SJCHS serves students who reside in San Juan County. Students who attend SJCHS will graduate with a New Mexico High School Diploma of Excellence, as well as an Associate Degree or Certificate from San Juan College. Any student seeking a non-traditional high school experience is encouraged to apply.

Each year San Juan College High School enrolls 100 incoming freshmen to our school through a student application process. All prospective students and their parents will take part in a family interview to discuss and learn more about the SJCHS program. Parents are encouraged to participate in the interview process since the interview provides them with an opportunity to ask questions and to ensure that SJCHS is the best match for their child’s high school education. After completing interviews, SJCHS uses a confidential lottery process to select incoming students from San Juan County. Any student interested in joining our next cohort should consider applying.

The 2020-2021 SJCHS application will be available February 2020!

A typical school day for SJCHS students involves attendance in rigorous and challenging career and technical courses aligned to students’ academic and career goals. There are multiple curriculum pathways offered to students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), Medical Sciences, Business, Education, and Health Occupations just to mention a few. Additionally, students attending SJCHS devise a flexible schedule that helps facilitate each student’s individualized academic plan to attend both high school as well as dual credit college courses.

A student’s academic studies are delivered in a variety of blended learning environments such as online courses, on-site campus classes, labs, and work-based learning experiences. Academic supports and advising will be embedded into the student’s day to ensure he/she is on track with their academic progress.

Within their four years of education, SJCHS makes it possible for students to achieve their high school diploma along with an SJC associate degree, which makes SJCHS one degree different than a traditional high school experience, and it’s free of charge!

San Juan College High School is located on the campus of San Juan College in Farmington, NM.  The school provides new and enhanced opportunities for up to 100 San Juan County teenagers. There are currently 240 students enrolled.

At SJCHS students will experience an academic environment in a small, active learning community, which includes connections to learning opportunities outside the classroom through industry related internships, online learning, and independent projects as well as participation in dual credit enrollment.

Students completing Early College High School will graduate with a high school diploma and up to two years of college credit with the potential of earning an associate degree.



SJCHS Students will optimize their four years to achieve a High School Diploma and up to sixty transferable college credits designed within their MAP (My Academic Pathway.)


SJCHS will graduate students from high school with an associate degree, equip them for success in higher education and grow them into contributing members of society by offering an advanced academic environment, individualized instruction, personal accountability, meaningful relationships, community service, and workforce readiness while celebrating diversity.


 SJCHS Griffins will SOAR (Student Oriented with Academic Rigor) and ROAR (Responsibility to Optimize Accomplishments for Rewards)

Quick Facts About SJCHS

  • SJCHS Students will have access to SJC Student Services, such as the Library, Computer Lab, and Tutoring Center – to name a few.
  • SJCHS Students will have the option to participate in appropriate San Juan College student clubs, activities and organizations.
  • High school specific activities and clubs also will be available to foster academic advancement, social growth, and leadership skills. Some of those activities include:
      • Supercomputing Challenge
      • Science Olympiad
      • Student Council
      • Yearbook
      • Interact Club
      • English Expo
      • Student Ambassadors
      • Science Fair
      • Fitness Club
      • Brain Squad
  • SJCHS does not offer competitive NMAA athletic teams, such as football or soccer, and students are not eligible to play athletics at another high school.
  • SJCHS Students will have access to the Health and Human Performance Center (HHPC) where they can utilize the gym facilities, take group exercise classes, participate in intramural sports, use the climbing wall, and participate in lifetime sports.
  • SJCHS Students have the opportunity to participate in performing arts programs through San Juan College including band, orchestra, choir, theater, and fine arts as an after school activity or when their class schedule allows.
  • Learning will be enhanced through opportunities to volunteer in the community, participate in career mentorships, and job shadow professionals.
  • School bus transportation will be provided for students who reside in Aztec, Bloomfield, and Farmington School Districts. Starting with the Class of 2022, students who apply from CCSD will have to provide their own transportation.
  • Meals can be purchased on the San Juan College Farmington campus at Mary’s Kitchen.
  • Success is enhanced as each student will have a student-specific career pathway that caters to their specific academic career goals: MAP or My Academic Pathway. Students’ coursework and classes will reflect their MAP.
  • SJCHS is open to qualified students who exhibit a sincere interest in academics and are willing to work hard to meet the demanding expectations.
  • Students must also be prepared to integrate into a college setting/adult environment. Students’ success is linked to having ownership in their educational process.
  • Students will benefit from having completed 60 hours of transferable college coursework, which can be utilized at a four-year college or university toward completion of a bachelor’s degree or higher.